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Booking A Mobile Beer Garden With Our DeeJays Included.

As a professional promotions company, we know and understand all the tasks that has to be covered in doing tasteful events. We developed a helpful concept to assist both Amateurs & Pros with a simple solutions to hosting successful small parties to major concerts & festivals etc. suitable for most any budget. With nearly two decades of partnership with Budweiser Brands/AB, we developed this concept to help sales, market & promote events statewide, excluding dry counties & events with guest under the age of 21.

How To Host A Party Or Concert/Festival Event(s) With MS LIVE Expos as your co-sponsor: We offer some cash benefits when promoting your events with MS LIVE Expos.

1. Small events with 150 – 300, people on the guest list can get a full refund of your $300 reservation fee, when all of your guest purchase our $20 Budweiser Bottomless Cup/TAPOUT LIVE Offer at your event, and we’ll pick up the tab for the Deejays.

2. Medium events with 300 – 900, people on the guest list, when all of your guest purchase our $20 Budweiser Bottomless Cup/TAPOUT LIVE Offer at your event, you’ll receive a full refund of your $300 reservation fee & earn 10% of the beverage sales and the Deejay fee is on us.

3. Concerts & Festival with 1,000+ fans & guests you’ll receive a full refund of your $300 reservation fee & 15% of the Bottomless Cup/TAPOUT LIVE beverage sales and the Deejay(s) fee is on us.

What Does MS LIVE Expos Do?

  1. We Cater Mobile Beer Gardens: Which Includes Our Famous Bottomless Cup Promotion. The Bottomless Cup/TAPOUT LIVE is a simple but effective way to offer your guests the option of paying $20 and drink all they want without paying again for refills.
  2. We Provide Professional Deejays: Events with or with audio gear is optional, depending on the type of event. Small parties normally need a Deejay with Audio & Lighting, included with their booking, and we cater that need. If you have a Deejay of choice already you can use them, but you have that expense. We only pay our own Deejays assign to your event!
  3. Promotions & Marketing Your Event: We’ll help you promote your event in various ways, such as Flyers, Posters, Banners, Social Media, Websites & Radio On Our Partner Radio Stations.

Event Booking Contract Terms & Conditions

  1. MississippI LIVE Expos reserves the right to not cater to your event under these adverse conditions. Guests Under The Age Of 21! A Minimum Guests Of 150 paying people at the door/gate! False Information about the said event! Unsafe or hazardous working conditions for our staff & equipment and/or disrespectful attitude that we found to be unprofessional etc! For major concerts & festivals you must have a One Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policy for the contracted event.

    For Small Parties Of 150+ guests the promoter/host will be required to sign a MS LIVE Expos, hold harmless agreement prior to your event date. Before you can book your event by filling in the form below, you must pay the $300 booking fee first because you’ll need the required* confirmation number to complete the form.

    We use PayPal as the safest way to pay on this website as well as when we are LIVE On Location excepting credit & debit cards. All booking are Required* at least 30 days prior to your event date(s) & Cancellations Must Be Done with in 72 hours/3 days after your booking date for a full refund. Cancellations after 72 hours/3 days will not be refunded but you can cancel it. No Exceptions!